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About Domains88

My name is David. I am the owner of and all the domains listed here. I started collecting domain names many years ago for various web projects. Over the years, I learned many things about domain names. I’ve also built a portfolio of domain names that I really love.

I often get inquiries about selling my domain names. I’ve sold quite a few domain names over the years. Some time ago, I started using GoDaddy’s Afternic to handle inquiries about buying my domain names. They handle inquiries, negotiation if necessary, payment, and the smooth transfer of my domain to the buyer. All I do is decide if its a domain that I want to sell.

Most of the domain names you see here on are my original creations. There are some that I purchased from other people, but most of my domain names are original hand registered names.

If you would like to reach me directly, you can use my contact form located here. Otherwise, you can reach out to the brokers at GoDaddy/Afternic and they will assist you in getting more information about my domain names.

I hope you enjoy browsing my domains and I hope you’ll ask about any domains that interest you.

Have a great day!

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